In few words ?
Curious, rapid and versatile,
I take advantage of every moment
to enrich my knowledge
and my visual culture.
Motivated, I am always delighted
to be able to share, create
and advance with a team.

  • Communicate on your shows and your special events !

    communication graphique de spectacle et événementiel An aspect all too often neglected, the promotional communication of your entertainment and special events is an essential element in their success. I conceive and create all of your marketing tools for an efficient, global communication through a powerful  graphic presentation and a full range of means (posters, flyers, website) in order to optimize your project’s attractiveness.
    Consult my portfolio of entertainment and special event communication.
  • The press kit design and publicity: specialized...

    maquette presse et publicité

    Delight your audience with "paper" communications of quality !
    At your service, and according to your wishes, to create and finalize the layout of your brochure, the model of your catalog or your advertisements
    and your announcements, I know how to manage the constraints of the publishing sector.
    Consult my press and publicity portfolio

  • The Web, an indispensable tool !

    création de design internet

    Having a website in order to inform and to promote an activity has become indispensable. Even more important is knowing how to outdistance the competition. Whether it be a simple presentation site or a more complex site (e-commerce for example), a creation or a revision, I can counsel  you in it’s elaboration acording to precise specifications and an on-line communications strategy. The objective: a clear, attractive and ergonomic website.
    Consult my portfolio of webdesigns and internet communications

  • Improve the image of your brand !

    identité visuelle A logo on the level of your image, a true reflection of your activity, will bring you a good visibility with your customers or with your public. Your marketing materials are the "front window" of your business – they make the first impression a good one, and follow it up with a unified and cohesive image.
    Consult my visual identity portfolio
  • Immortalize your events…

    photographie Optimize the brilliance, get the expression, and capture the movement of an artist in performance...
    I accompany you throughout your special events and shows, whether you need publicity photos or to create other types of promotional materials.
    Consult my photography portfolio
  • A head full of ideas !

    Freelancing since 2007, I intervene as a graphic designer or artistic director in the creation and the conception of graphic supports with communication agencies, with publicity agencies, with special event management, but also with companies or with associations.
    Surrounded by a wide network including many skills, I propose you, alone or in a team, to come along in all your projects of graphic communication.
    Don't hesitate to contact me for estimate or for further information